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On-Premise Periscope to Tableau on Cloud Migration

The world’s largest material marketplace for the architecture and design industry required a solution to migrate its reporting tool to the cloud to solve problems caused by exponential increases in data volume where handling such large data at On-premise environment was slowing down business growth.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Client was using Periscope as reporting tool to showcase their analysis which was integrated to Magento data.
  • With large data volume, the dashboards on Periscope were taking extended time to execute and load.
  • Migration to cloud (i.e. from Periscope to Tableau) identified to help client to visualize the data better with enhanced insights in Tableau.>

Bitwise Solution

  • Studied and analyzed existing data to migrate from On-Premise to Cloud.
  • Migrated 50 approx. On-premise Periscope dashboards to Tableau.
  • Provided enhanced visualizations that depicted analytical trends and information hidden in the data.
  • Provided Role based permissions for authentication on Tableau.
  • Integrated Tableau workbooks to client’s website with user-based authentication using JavaScript API which was not possible using Periscope.
  • Automatic subscriptions to users of recurring reports on Tableau.
  • Provided the feasibility to view the dashboard using various devices on cloud and the ability to export the dashboard as a PDF.
  • Error handling functionality provided in the Tableau Dashboards with easy backup options available.
  • Integration with Python Scripts was possible after Tableau Migration to provide more analytical insights.

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise used its SQL Script Analyzer to generate a visual workflow document and mapping document.

Our ETL Conversion Engine analyzed the mapping document to generate Talend ETL scripts.

Tools & Technologies We Used

Reporting Tool
Tableau 2020.1 (Desktop & Server); Periscope

Key Results

More Insightful and accurate data presented to business partners

Additional functionalities like Data exports and subscriptions introduced

Easy integration with other cloud services like Google Analytics and embedding dashboards in the websi

Better Flexibility, Mobile compatibility and security with user level permissions

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