Data Governance

Achieved Clean Enterprise Meta Environment


A large Fortune 500 financial services company had an objective to set up end-to-end data lineage across their systems as a mandate of regulatory requirement and as a useful means for assessing risk data aggregation strategies.

The Client

A $6 Billion, U.S-based financial services company

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • The client had a 15-year-old Ab Initio EME environment with approximately 20,000 applications, but was unaware of the true number of compliant/non-compliant applications. The end goal was to achieve a clean Meta environment and make all applications complaint without any lineage errors, and prioritizing regulatory-related application compliance.

Bitwise Solution

The essential first step was to have Ab-Initio ETLs conform to EME compliance rules. To do this, Bitwise came up with an efficient plan that established a complete lineage and supporting dependency analysis. The next step was to then identify and retroactively mend non-compliant applications and deploy them into production in a phased manner, based on the priorities identified by the client. Bitwise defined an automated approach to identify the active, non-compliant applications to be worked upon for EME-error resolution. This automated process also provided the list of obsolete objects, which helped drive the overall clean-up effort.

Key Results

Achieved the organizational goal of 100% clean up and compliance for regulatory applications

Automated lineage: Metadata hub was able to parse and create lineage links between applications

Clean enterprise Meta environment

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