Bring Your Own Device – Restaurant Mobile Order Application


A major full-service restaurant chain required a new feature in their online ordering mobile application which would enable customers to order from the table using their own device. The app enables the customer to scan the QR code from the table and place order which will be served by sever once prepared.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Maintenance of order lifecycle from initiation to payment completion and restricting different customers ordering from same location
  • Customer might not have the application installed
  • Customer might have a device with camera that doesn’t support QR scan automatically
  • Handling the table locations or restaurants which do not support ordering from application feature but only payment from application

Bitwise Solution

Implemented order lifecycle architecture using web-service and accessible by different endpoints for various order status

Implemented “through app” QR scan for the devices which do not have QR scan equipped cameras

Table locations which didn’t support ordering through app were taken into the flow smoothly with introduction of one more feature (service endpoint) to order lifecycle which maintains whether ordering is enabled for location or not

App not installed on customer mobile or app closed was handled by Application deep linking. On scan at the table, app gets automatically opened if installed. If not, the control goes to mobile web application which is directly opened on scan through browser

Tools & Technologies We Used

Restful API, Swift & IOS
XCORE, Android SDK
XCORE Simulator, GIT, JIRA, Jenkins, Crashlytic, Testflight

Key Results

Customer Service add on and ease of ordering

Cut offs in manual attendants

Uninterrupted and smooth user experience

Easy way of making Dine-In transactions from all restaurants to a single point. This enriches the data analysis and makes the data acquisition faster.

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