Data Migration

Data Migration on Azure SQL MI from Oracle


As part of its cloud data warehouse initiative, a large research and advisory firm with global customer base needed to move their entire EDW data from Oracle to Azure SQL MI.

Client Challenges and Requirements

About 250 tables, 120 views, 40 materialized views to be migrated on Azure MI in short span of time. Challenge is to handle

  • Data type Matching
  • Materialized view
  • Nested PL/SQL Subprograms
  • User Define Functions
  • Migration of 2+ TB data

Bitwise Solution

Thoroughly analyzed existing database system to Identify all components that must exist in target environment.

Mapped Oracle schema with Azure SQL MI and auto converted DDL through SQL Server Migration Assistant.

Implemented timely execution of Database Migration through SSMA and leveraged custom python utility for some of the DB object migration.

Automated Data Validation with full and sample validations with Python based data validation Bitwise accelerator.

Provided detailed report for data migration and validations.

Suggested and implemented performance optimization by creating clustered index, non clustered index, performing table partitioning and altering table field sizing to save space.

Tools & Technologies We Used

Power BI
Java- Spring, Spring Batch
Bitwise Cloud Data Migration Framework

Key Results

Seamless Migration

Full Data Validation

35% Efforts saving in data validation

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