e-Commerce Website Re-Brand for Identity Protection Company


An Identity Protection company required a platform upgrade to its existing website where users register to control their identity and prevent theft or fraud against their identity. The client needed to re-brand its existing website by redesigning and restructuring the complete website with modern UI, better performance, low maintenance and mobile compatibility.

Client Challenges and Requirements

The application needed to address the following requirements:

  • Design and structure: The existing website was approximately 10 years old with outdated UI, outdated architecture and technologies.
  • Performance: Usage of heavy server controls, multiple images, graphics, complicated flows and more number of clicks on the website.
  • Maintenance Cost: Manual deployments and high maintenance required for enhancements due to tightly coupled architecture.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Make website compatible with mobile devices, simplification of flows to provide user friendly UI and better usability to users.

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise provided an eCommerce solution that implemented the following:

Analyzed existing system, proposed new architecture with .NET core and Angular JS for faster development, better performance and easy maintenance.

Responsive screens, cleaner UI, simplification of flows, space utilization and better user experience.

Light weight UI with Angular, replaced images with CSS, use of webpack for bundling assets for performance improvement.

Better security with token based authentication, better payment gateway (Braintree) and data storage vaults implementation.

Test driven development, automated testing and code reusability for easy maintenance.

Continuous Integration (CI) implementation for faster and efficient deployments. It also reduces maintenance cost and deployment errors/issues.

Tools & Technologies We Used

.NET Core
Angular JS
MSSQL 2008R2
Continuous Integration (TeamCity)

Key Results

The client achieved the following results from the solution:

Responsive, modern and mobile compatible website.

Increase in revenue and overall client satisfaction.

Improvement in build and deployment performance.

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