eCommerce Mobile App Development for Direct-to-Consumer Brand


A multinational online shopping club that manufactures and distributes natural wellness products has a wide range of web-based ecommerce and user services built on different technologies. To drive business growth, the company needed to expand and modernize its ecommerce platform to mobile apps for better user engagement, ease of use and data analytics.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Design and Structure: Design and develop an enterprise grade mobility solution.
  • Usability: Implement the existing web-based workflow in mobile apps.
  • Productivity: User friendly experience in buying and selling products to facilitate business growth.
  • Analytics: Run data analytics and enhanced marketing campaigns to determine the volume of sales of a particular product, predict future sales, track customer satisfaction rate, among other factors.
  • Multilingual: Support for multiple languages and catering to statutory requirements in multiple countries.

Bitwise Solution

  • Android and iOS mobile application development using React Native for faster development, better performance and easy maintenance.
  • Agile development methodology to prioritize collaboration, adaptability, and iterative development.
  • Use of globalization and localization to ensure the solution is extensible to cater additional languages.
  • Use of existing APIs and database with no or minimal backend changes.
  • Division and development of mobile app product features in native, hybrid and web view for better UX and faster development lifecycle.
  • Regular maintenance of the mobile application to keep it up-to-date.
  • User analytics to gather, analyze, interpret qualitative and quantitative data about app use and user behavior.
  • A robust, cross-platform open-source solution with security and scalability using latest technologies with fewer number of resources using React Native.

Tools & Technologies We Used

React Native (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Google Analytics
Azure DevOps

Key Results

Enhanced customer experience with secure, scalable ecommerce app that offers convenience and ease of use.

Improved customer targeting based on location, product purchases, behavior, language, device type and various other criteria.

Achieved faster development and more cost-effective maintenance with 40% less team size using React Native as compared to native development.

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