Data Governance

Enterprise Data Quality with IDQ


Assessment and Implementation of enterprise wide data quality initiative as per Human Resource enterprise application standards that includes Definition, Discovery, Assessment, Remediation, Enrichment and Monitoring of Corporate Systems.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • HR Applications were receiving data from multiples sources system. Data between these sources was inconsistent.
  • ODS (Identified as Source of Truth) itself had data quality issues.
  • Few data checks missing on the data entry application, causing data issues across the enterprise.
  • Employee Data across all corporate system was not accurate or consistent that was causing compliance issues.
  • Process to fix PII Data across systems was major challenge.

Bitwise Solution

End-to-End Data Quality Advisory Services was provide from Discovery, Assessment & implementation of Bitwise Enterprise Data Quality Framework (processes & reporting) of data quality issues. Recommended Enrichment Solutions (Manual vs. Automated) Data Remediations as per client’s requirement. Assessment & Implementation included:

Initial data profiling to identify and discover current data quality issues

Assessment of current data quality using defined business rules

Reporting identified discrepancies to HR business SMEs

Identification of scope of remediation

Solution design creation based on client’s requirement for remediation

Implementation of solution for reporting/correction of incorrect data to identified SMEs

Division-wise reporting of incorrect data to expedite manual correction process

Integrating with client’s data governance model

Tools & Technologies We Used

Informatica Data Quality (IDQ)
Quality (IDQ) MS SQL Server
Tivoli Job Scheduler
Source Systems
Mainframes, Success Factors, Oracle, Flat Files

Key Results

Bitwise provided a solution for successful identification of data quality issues.

Automation of data correction / reporting

Generate various reports for different SMEs

On-going monitoring of HR data quality

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