API Testing

Implementation of Test API Automation Framework

A Payment services company required test automation services for their restful / SOAP APIs. The solution needed to be scalable and cost effective with usage of open source tools.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Client was looking for a testing solution that can minimize manual testing and bring in a scalable test automation solution.
  • The primary challenges include: Reduce of manual testing; Usage of open source technologies so as to improve cost effectiveness; Scalable based on new API addition.

Bitwise Solution

Analysis of all the restful / SOAP APIs under consideration

Evaluation of open source APIs / Tools to create tests

Performed a successful POC by which Restful APIs were validated for proper responses over CI

Development of API Test framework using node.js, Jasmine , mocha to suffice the testing requirements

Creation of design patterns to enhance the scalability

Proper test reporting

Tools & Technologies We Used

Node JS
BDD Cucumber
Swagger API
Jenkins CI

Key Results

Test framework was cost effective as was created using open source tools / APIs

Scalability was added due to usage of proper design patterns across similar APIs

Manual testing efforts were reduced by 60% hence, adding to cost savings

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