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MedInfo Enterprise Analytics Marketplace Platform


A $6.5B global innovator in specialty Biopharmaceuticals needed to migrate its BI platform from DataStage / Cognos to its Enterprise Analytics Marketplace platform, which is an enterprise-wide data service that supports all BI and analytics needs of various functional areas across the enterprise.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • User with the appropriate permissions needs to be able to measure the number of Interactions across various dimensions
  • Interaction Volume Metrics to measure the number of Requests across various dimensions including Sources such as Request Via, Requestor Type, Product, TA, Region / Country, Category & Topic, etc.
  • Operational Metrics including Call Center Workload and Turnaround Time
  • AE (Adverse Events) Reporting Metrics
  • Content Utilization Metrics

Bitwise Solution

Modernize the Enterprise Analytics Marketplace platform that supports all BI and analytics needs of various functional areas across the enterprise

Each layer is delineated with a specific purpose and separated from other layers both physically and logically in the data ecosystem

To support the Ingestion, Integration, Organization and Consumption of the data in an effective way into the Marketplace, a multi layered data architecture is used: Stage, Lake, Hub, Mart

The Marketplace platform is implemented on Azure HD Insight. Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB) is the physical persistence storage structure that supports the HD Insight data processing platform. Any workload that is executed on HD Insight platform will access the data on WASB storage and loads them into the local machines and process them

Tools & Technologies We Used

Azure HD Insights
Azure Blob

Key Results

Highly scalable shared enterprise data and analytics platform

Easy to hook up new data sets

Real-Time / Streaming capability

Data Quality, Centralized Metadata & Lineage, Governance and Security implementation

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