Application Migration

Migrate Legacy IT Infrastructure for Digital Asset Management System to AWS Cloud

A major publishing firm needed to migrate its Digital Asset Management System (DAM) to the cloud. The DAM system provides an end-to-end digital supply chain that processes, encodes, catalogs, stores and manages digital assets, and distributes to creative groups within various departments and publishes them after encoding in different formats for different devices.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Ability to maintain IT infrastructure – cost overrun
  • Lack of maintaining scalability of server capacity in order to manage growing demand of data / processes – dependency on system administrators

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise assessed the different components of the DAM system. Keys features:

Amazon Simple DB for metadata

Amazon S3 for digital assets

Used AWS Management Console to verify

Team leveraged the AWS SDK for Java to upload the assets concurrently into Amazon S3

Metadata of each asset of a given catalog stored in an Amazon Simple DB domain

To maximize the upload throughput into Amazon S3, the team used multiple threads in parallel across a partitioned set of Amazon S3 buckets

Amazon Import / Export Service was used for one particular catalog that could not be imported over the Internet due to its size

Forklift Migration Strategy to move components and their dependencies at once Data Migration phase involved moving all the existing digital assets and associated metadata of the digital assets to the cloud Tools & Technologies We Used

Tools & Technologies We Used

Amazon EC2
Amazon EBS
Amazon S3
Amazon SQS
Amazon Simple DB

Key Results

The entire processing system is now highly scalable because it is using highly scalable components

Overall, Company’s business is able to address the growing demand and publish the digital assets in record time

Lower maintenance cost, ease of scalability

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