Cloud Migration

Migrate Legacy System to Azure IaaS Environment


Payment processing firm needed to translate its legacy system to Azure via IaaS platform. The company wanted to revamp the system to offer a more advanced and secure payment platform to its customers, reduce maintenance requirements, maximize performance, minimize costs, achieve zero downtime, zero data loss.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Capability to cope, perform and handle increased workload.
  • Payment processing application was not PCI compliant for database security.

Bitwise Solution

Our Azure migration experts devised a modern architecture with server and database systems as separated entities

Introduced a pair of availability sets that consisted of two VMs each. First availability set included a pair of Web Server VMs that act as Load Balance system.

Log post load audit details (update run status, add source count, target count, run start and end time) in HBase tables

The second availability set consisted of 2 SQL VMs, the database VM1 and a mirrored database of VM1. Solution Details:

In case of file is a source, AzCopy utility used to move files to, from, and inside of Azure. If the source is database, Azure Data Factory is used for data ingestion.

Source team send files in the landing (on premise) directory. Once file is available in the landing directory, AzCopy utility moves that file from on premise to the cloud environment.

Sensitive fields redacted at source before transmitting to the cloud environment.

Audit details (filename, date, time received, run status) logged into Control tables.

Data Cleansing (special and multi byte character) is done using SSIS.

Perform pre-load DQ checks (record length check, NULL checks).

Tools & Technologies We Used

SSIS Frontend VMs
Azure SQL DB
Azure Storage
Azure Virtual Network

Key Results

99.95% on-demand available modernized system, that is scalable and supports zero data loss & zero downtime.

Reduced infrastructure overhead costs by 75% as compared to the on premise infrastructure upgrade.

Lower maintenance cost, ease of scalability

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