BI Modernization

Modernize Legacy Reporting on the Cloud with Looker


Bitwise and Looker helped a U.S. based global financial services company to drive reporting and visualization adoption across an extensive user base by providing a better user experience of its Business Intelligence application, resulting in increased global revenue and reduced costs as part of its enterprise cloud strategy.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Client reconciles large volumes of payment data for merchants spread across the globe.
  • WebFocus based legacy application carried major overhead resulting in higher costs, performance issues and limited UI/UX features that hindered the user experience.
  • Client required a reporting and visualization tool that fit within its GCP cloud strategy, met stringent business timelines for migration and facilitated cultural change among end users adapting to the new cloud-based application.

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise and Looker created an implementation plan using Agile methodology where the key business priorities were identified with the product owner and executed in defined sprint iterations. Bitwise developed Looker code components and interactive visualizations along with existing tabular reports from the legacy application to share summarized/detailed statistics in a single view, which was a key priority. Modern features and functionality of Looker implementation:

Cache Computing helped improve performance, ensuring most real-time data gets displayed to the end user.

Data Reusability enabled through effective use of Looker APIs.

Custom Dashboards enabled with Looker plugin to create custom visualizations to meet precise business requirements.

Source Code Management helped to manage the code repository which was missing in the legacy application.

Tools & Technologies We Used

Google BigQuery
GIT repository

Key Results

Improved performance of reports and dashboards by 30%

Reduced database hits up to 40%

Real-time data insights and interactive data visualizations

Self service capabilities in creating reports and visualizations on the fly

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