Point of Sale Order Processing with Confluent Kafka


A Fortune 100 Retail company needed to build a message driven event platform which can act as a unified information hub to exchange business information in real-time and enable faster decision making.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • The legacy system was time consuming, not highly available, and data was being lost due to the lack of stream persistence.
  • Client required a solution that was cost efficient, provided maximum throughput, achieved zero data loss and maintained message history.
  • The platform needed to provide for security, disaster recovery, fault tolerance, scalability and real-time data processing.

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise built a distributed, high performance and highly available data platform with Confluent Kafka to produce real-time alerts for the POS order processing system.
Solution Design

Data Collection - collect data across various digital distribution channels

Data Cleansing - process collected data in real-time

Real-Time Data Operations - apply business rules

Real-Time Data Operations - apply business rules

Analytics & Alerts – provide remote monitoring and implement alert mechanism for ecommerce engine

Tools & Technologies We Used

Confluent Kafka
Kafka Streams

Key Results

High Performance – can sustain >300+k messages /sec

High Availability – runs 24x7 and achieves Uptime SLA of 99.5%

Scalability – 12% rise in boarding new third-party suppliers

Go to market time reduced by 30% and customer satisfaction increased by 40%

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