Artificial Intelligence

Predicting Order Wait Time using Machine Learning


In order to provide a better customer experience, one of the world’s largest full-service dining companies required a solution that leverages machine learning to predict how long customers will have to wait for their order to be served.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Limited factors available in real-time
  • Online and table-top orders data segregation

Bitwise Solution

Bitwise created a prediction model to help the client give accurate wait times to customers who have ordered food.

Strategy to distinguish real-time (high frequency) and static (low frequency) factors​

Implementation of caching technique for static factors in DynamoDB​

Development of statistical standardization methods and advanced feature engineering for online and table-top order segregation​

Real-time predictions using end-to-end pipelines on AWS Lambda and API gateway

Tools & Technologies We Used

AWS Sagemaker
AWS Lambda
AWS API Gateway
AWS DynamoDB

Key Results

Predicted order wait time with 87% accuracy

Improved customer experience

Increased customer base

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