BI Modernization

Report Migration from Cognos to Qlik


A U.S. healthcare organization needed to consolidate and modernize reporting tools by migration Cognos reports to Qlik.

Client Challenges and Requirements

  • Lack of skilled resources within Business
  • High Licensing cost

Bitwise Solution

  • Export existing Cognos Report to Excel file. Use the file as mockup for Qlik report.
  • Setup and Configure required data sources in Qlik.
  • Create QVD files to load data from each data base table. Develop data model using Qlik data files (.QVD).
  • Establish relationships between different data sources. Historical / point in time data was migrated from Cognos cubes to database.
  • Implement Star Schema approach to avoid loop; develop fast and flexible applications.
  • Implement role-based data security using section access.
  • Schedule the monthly process to push dashboard output to business through email using Nprinting.
  • Build dashboards in Qlik and schedule the monthly process to push dashboard output to business through email.

Tools & Technologies We Used

Qlik Nprinting

Key Results

Excellent visualization with Improved the Scalability, Security and Availability

Reduced server and maintenance cost

Real Time Data Tracking Dashboards

Implementing Story boards and dashboard functionalities

Optimized performance with In-Memory Analysis and Data compressed features

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