Financial Services

Deliver an enhanced digital customer experience and reduce operational costs with modern data and analytics solutions


Innovative Solutions to Financial Services Challenges

With growing pressure from fintech startups and rapidly changing market conditions, today’s financial services enterprises strive to adopt a digital-first mindset focused on cloud transformation to become more agile in delivering products at an accelerated pace. With a rich heritage of working with top banking and financial services companies going back to early days of data warehousing and business intelligence, Bitwise plays an instrumental role in helping our customers modernize data and analytics in the cloud with emphasis on data governance to meet strict regulation compliance and establishing advanced analytics competency leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Financial Services Solutions


Data Warehouse Modernization

Migrate legacy ETL and data to the cloud to efficiently ingest, process and analyze a wide variety of data sets


Application Modernization

Deconstruct monolithic financial applications into microservices and API architectures re-imagined on the cloud to deliver with speed and agility


Customer Analytics

Range of solutions from Customer 360 to Churn Analysis to drive revenue growth through digital engagement


Conversational UI

Leverage voice-based analytics for enhanced user experience in customer support and accessing account information or making banking appointments


Mobile Apps

Development and testing solutions to ensure world-class digital customer experiences

40% Reduction in Data Warehouse Support Costs

Consolidated Support of 16,000+ Ab Initio jobs covering all Lines of Business including Campaigns, Payments, Banking and Rewards through optimized resource model

On-Demand Webinar

Getting started with Conversational UI to modernize the user experience

Duration: 20 Minutes

Leading companies are implementing modern Machine Learning and NLP (natural language processing) technologies to transform the user experience.


Cloud Study

Migrating Legacy Ab Initio ETL to Hydrograph on AWS Cloud

As part of its organizational strategy to move critical processes to Cloud, a Fortune 500 Financial Services.

Case Study

Data Migration from Teradate to Snowflake

A Direct Banking and Payment Services company needed to migrate their on-premise data warehouse residing on Teradata.

Case Study

Application Modernization Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry

A Fortune 500 Financial Services company needed to modernize their applications so as to be able to deploy to an on-premise PaaS.

Case Study

Data Migration from On-Premise to AWS Cloud

A Direct Banking and Payment Services company needed to migrate their on-premise data warehouse residing on Teradata to cloud-based data warehouse Redshift.

Case Study

Cloud Deployment with Minimal Downtime

Case Study

Lift and Shift Traditional Legacy Applications to AWS

A direct banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in U.S.

Application Modernization

Modernize Your Application On The Cloud

We continuously research emerging technologies and practices to help our clients leverage the latest and most reliable tools when modernizing their applications


Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

On-premise, Cloud And Hybrid Solutions

Modernize and transform Enterprise Data Warehouse reporting systems to become more competitive for meeting today’s business challenges


Web and Mobile

Digital And Application Development Solutions

Strategically build and leverage digital technologies to boost business results and user experiences


Strategize and implement the right Financial Services innovation solution with Bitwise