Accelerate your journey to the Cloud | August Good Bits

September 1, 2021

With rapid advancements in Cloud Data Warehousing and high costs associated with legacy, on-premise systems, many of our customers are taking the opportunity to evaluate options to modernize.

By partnering with leading cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, we help modernize data and analytics in order to help our customers to

  • Take advantage of big data analytics and machine learning in the cloud
  • Achieve top performance for mission-critical workloads
  • Deliver cost-effective data warehouse solutions

Based on our experience with large-scale migration initiatives, Bitwise developed a Cloud Data Migration Framework to expedite data migration from legacy database applications using best of breed technologies and services from the leading cloud providers with Bitwise in-built utilities to provide a complete migration solution.

The first and most important step to modernizing your data warehousing and business intelligence on the cloud is migrating your on-premise data. Explore more with our Cloud Data Migration solution – “without data there can be no analytics.”

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