Bitwise Announces Open Source Availability of Hydrograph

March 14, 2017

CHICAGO, IL, March 14, 2017

Bitwise, a data management consulting and services company, today announced the availability of the open source version of Hydrograph, an enterprise-class, GUI-based ETL development tool designed for Big Data and Cloud platforms.

The announcement ushers in a new era of Hadoop and Spark adoption for enterprises implementing an open source strategy by facilitating the migration of complex data integration jobs to more flexible, future-proof environments.

Hydrograph enables developers to easily build ETL (extract, transform and load) applications that integrate data from multiple sources within the open source Big Data ecosystem for reporting and analytics consumption.

Hydrograph Development

Bitwise created Hydrograph in partnership with Capital One to address pains of offloading ETL on Hadoop. Prior to releasing the open source version, Hydrograph development teams put the tool through its paces in production on Hadoop cluster deployments.

As Spark has become a more stabilized processing option, Bitwise modified Hydrograph to be able to utilize Spark's powerful in-memory processing needed for developing ETL applications on large data sets. The metrics that have been achieved running Hydrograph on Spark clusters outperform other leading data integration platform results.

Open Source Adoption

Seeing an opportunity to foster innovation and allow other enterprises to benefit from Hydrograph, Bitwise and Capital One have open sourced the project after building internal adoption. Several other large Banking and Financial Services companies are lined up for adoption of the full-featured ETL tool, establishing a robust user community from the outset.

The open source version of Hydrograph is available on GitHub through Capital One, accessible here:

For Hydrograph reference architecture and demo video, visit:


About Bitwise

Bitwise is a technology solutions provider that leverages data to enable business insights. Our breakthrough technology innovations help our global clients maximize their competitive advantage. We are the industry's most experienced and dedicated team of data professionals, focusing on Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Digital Computation. We optimize value for our clients through our global delivery model and with our proprietary technology tools that reduce the time, complexity and cost of data initiatives. Together, our people and technology provide the insights clients need to continue to lead in their fields.

Founded in 1996, Bitwise is headquartered in Chicago, IL with development centers in Pune, India and Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit Bitwise at

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