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November 1, 2019

So far 2019 has been a year for companies we work with to really embrace cloud technologies in a big way in support of their digital transformation initiatives.

While everything about cloud migration is difficult, one area where we see companies stumble is moving their data from on-premise databases to the cloud. This may sound easy, but we have found that once a company starts with migration they tend to run into unforeseen problems down the line.

This can be especially true when migrating on-premise data to Snowflake. There just is no easy way to do this, so Bitwise created a Cloud Data Migration Framework with automated utilities to quickly and accurately move large volumes of data to Snowflake. The solution focuses on:

  • Closing gaps in data migration tools and services from the cloud providers for a complete solution
  • Automated migration to reduce the time and effort to get your data into Snowflake
  • Validation service to ensure the accuracy of migrated data

Essentially, we’ve worked through all the unforeseen problems and can help you avoid them to migrate your data to the cloud with an efficient, accurate and cost-effective solution. Download the data sheet here to learn more.

Download Data Sheet

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