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January 31, 2024

Happy New Year! As we enter a new year brimming with possibilities and ever faster innovation driven by artificial intelligence (AI), we at Bitwise are eager to share our thoughts on trends for data modernization in 2024 and explore the impact of Generative AI.

Below are two key trends that we are seeing with our clients as we consult them in their journey to take advantage of the latest Data & AI capabilities to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving market.

Need for AI-Powered Migration

As organizations rush to adopt Generative AI into their businesses, technology leaders see an urgent need for modernizing legacy code to meet the new demands but face major challenges in converting thousands of lines of outdated code written over the past decades to more cloud-friendly formats.

For data modernization consultants like Bitwise, Gen AI holds the key to converting legacy code with the efficiency and accuracy needed to overcome complexity and scalability issues to make such migration initiatives feasible from a time and cost standpoint.

In the hands of the right experts, Gen AI tools can successfully be harnessed to maximize automation when converting database objects like SQL, Stored Procedures and Macros from Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server or BigQuery to DB objects like T-SQL on Synapse, Snowflake or Databricks (PySpark and Delta Lake).

Visit our Cloud Data Migration page to learn more on how Bitwise accelerates data modernization with top migration tools and AI-enabled automation.

Rise of Modern Data & AI Platforms

Modern data ecosystems are complex and pressures from business owners, regulatory and compliance groups, as well as end users make the job of data leaders even more critical and challenging to responsibly delivery on the promise of AI.

Looking to capitalize on these pressures, providers like Microsoft, AWS, Informatica, Snowflake and Databricks are building data management platforms (Microsoft Fabric or Informatica IDMC, for example) to help data leaders bring the essentials of data integration, data warehousing, data analytics and AI under one roof.

While these platforms can help minimize complexity, knowing which platform can best meet the unique needs of your business requires detailed knowledge of the different options. This is where a specialized consulting partner can add value in not only determining the right tools but planning an optimal modernization path to achieve the ideal architecture.

Visit our ETL Migration & Modernization page to learn how Bitwise overcomes challenges of migrating data integration to accelerate adoption of modern data and AI platforms.

In 2024, let's collectively embrace the transformative power of AI. Partnering with a proven data modernization consultant like Bitwise can be your best bet for efficiently and cost-effectively modernizing your data and propelling your organization towards data-driven success. 

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