How data can drive transformation | March Good Bits

March 30, 2021

As a number of economic and societal factors continue to impact world markets, companies in all industries stand poised to leverage technology to implement a transformation strategy to meet near-term problems and prepare for long-term challenges.

Working closely with our technology partners like Looker, the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform from Google Cloud, Bitwise has spearheaded efforts to combine experience and expertise to bring new thinking to address these challenges.

With our own internal innovation lab and Centre of Excellence (CoE), Bitwise provides an environment to work on innovations and products that can be taken to customers in helping automate and accelerate their technology and innovation initiatives.

Taking consideration of the unique challenges of the Energy & Utilities industry, Bitwise and Looker have identified key areas where their collective tools, technology and expertise fit to drive water sector innovations for protecting a critical resource by solving challenges using data and advanced analytics.

Download our whitepaper on Driving Digital Transformation in Water and Utilities Sector for details on innovation solutions designed with Looker.

Download Whitepaper

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