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October 30, 2023

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Seven years ago, Bitwise conducted its first ever webinar on ETL conversion to address a growing problem we noticed within large companies. The problem: as a result of M&A activity or adoption of different tools for different requirements, many companies were seeing increased data integration costs and complexity. 

This presented a difficult challenge for companies at the time since there was no easy way to convert one ETL to another without employing vast teams of coders and testers, and automated options for such a conversion were practically non-existent.

To bridge the gap between different ETLs and bring hope to data leaders facing this problem, Bitwise used our deep knowledge of the leading tools combined with our automation-first mindset for solving complex data challenges to build our ETL Converter solution, automating the conversion process.

The webinar we ran in 2016 featured an automated approach to convert any ETL to any ETL leveraging Bitwise’s proprietary ETL Converter tool. The webinar featured demos on converting to the latest ETL tools at the time and shared case studies of real-world migrations.

Fast forward to 2023 and a lot has changed in the technology landscape over the past seven years. While the ETL tools have evolved, the challenges of converting one ETL to another remain as difficult as ever, if not more so with the disparity between traditional on-premise tools and cloud-native services.

To address these modern challenges, we recorded a completely updated webinar that covers a complete set of tools for analyzing the source jobs to prepare an optimal migration solution, automation to convert code from one ETL to another, and validation tools to certify the accuracy of migration.

If data modernization is part of your 2024 strategy, check out our updated ETL migration webinar to see how Bitwise automates the entire process to convert one ETL to another ETL or programmatic data processing like PySpark, reducing the time, complexity and cost of these challenging initiatives.

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