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April 30, 2021

Bitwise is pleased to announce our updated Partners page on our website. We partner with top technology solution providers to help solve business challenges and drive business results.

Featured Technology Partnerships:

  • Microsoft - Bitwise helps migrate data warehouse and business intelligence to Azure with speed and confidence.
  • AWS - Bitwise helps migrate workloads to the cloud and build modern analytics solutions with AI and machine learning.
  • Google Cloud - Bitwise helps build modern applications in the cloud using microservices and APIs.
  • Looker - Bitwise helps migrate legacy BI to the cloud and build embedded analytics solutions for modern user experiences.
  • Confluent - Bitwise helps build modern message driven event platforms to deliver real-time data and insights.

Together with our Partners, our dedicated team of experts can help you optimize your initiative by proposing new ways to solve business challenges using advanced technology. Visit our Partners page to learn more.

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