QualiDI 30-Day Free Trial | June Good Bits

June 22, 2018

QualiDI 30-Day Trial | June Good Bits

Bitwise is pleased to announce the launch of our 30-day trial version of QualiDI ETL Test Automation tool to help developers, QA managers and IT leaders evaluate automated ETL testing with their own data.

Key takeaways

  • With the QualiDI 30-Day Trial version, users gain access to the basic features of the tool to successfully run test cases on their ETLs.
  • QualiDI solves the challenge of manual ETL testing that relies on visually comparing source to target mappings by providing a centralized test repository that automates the validation process.
  • By automating the testing process, QualiDI eliminates human error and shortens development cycles while reducing costs.

Read the full announcement and get started today!

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