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March 31, 2023

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S&P Global Market Intelligence recently published analysis on Bitwise strategy for helping organizations take advantage of modern data architecture in the 451 Research Market Insight Report ‘Bitwise is adding new capabilities for the cloud migration of modern data platforms.’

In the report, published in March 2023, analyst Agatha Poon provides independent analysis on how Bitwise is positioned to solve emerging cloud migration and adoption challenges by building a complete Data Modernization offering.

The report dives into how Bitwise is extending its Data Platform Cloud Migration Suite with:

  • Focus on building a cloud migration practice that combines automated tools with years of experience.
  • Solutions for challenges to automate migration of legacy on-premise ETL, data objects and orchestration in order to leverage cloud-native architectures.
  • Go-to-market strategy focused on strategic partnerships with Microsoft and AWS through strong product alignment.

Read the full report for investigation into how Bitwise aims to accelerate the migration of data warehouse and business intelligence to the cloud without compromising cost performance.

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