Top ETL Testing Tools | November Newsletter

November 29, 2017

Top ETL Testing Tools | November Newsletter

Does your ETL testing strategy consist of comparing data from source files and the target data warehouse by eyeballing the data in Excel? Many organizations use this method out of necessity, but when data volumes grow to millions of rows and columns, a manual testing approach fails to efficiently scale.

Fortunately, there are options for automating the ETL testing process. For anyone using Informatica for ETL, Data Validation Option (DVO) is a top rated tool. As an Informatica partner, Bitwise can help you evaluate DVO for your specific testing requirements within your PowerCenter environment.

For anyone that needs to centralize testing of one or more ETL tools, Bitwise offers QualiDI, an enterprise ETL test automation platform. QualiDI, recently listed in Top 5 ETL Testing Tools in 2017, offers a feature-rich tool with competitive licensing options that can fit within your CI/CD pipeline for Agile development.

Read more about QualiDI to explore how automation can optimize your ETL testing process, improve data quality, and reduce costs and time to market.

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