Your Legacy App in 2020 l Feb Good Bits

February 27, 2020

When looking at opportunities to modernize legacy applications on the cloud, one of the questions that frequently comes up is how can organizations quickly take advantage of cloud technology. Moving to the cloud can be a complex undertaking and decisions to migrate must take into consideration things like security, extending existing infrastructure investments, and flexibility to adapt to future changes.

For organizations that see value in the cloud but are not ready to go ‘all in’ on public cloud, Bitwise advocates for migrating to a private cloud platform such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). To address the need for migrating your legacy app to the cloud and the challenges presented, Bitwise recently conducted a webinar on the subject that includes a demo showcasing the benefits of modernizing with PCF.

If you have PCF in your environment or if you are exploring a move to cloud but not ready for public cloud, take 30 minutes to watch the recording of Modernizing your legacy application with Pivotal Cloud Foundry natively and get a head start on your modernization initiative.

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