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What it takes to successfully migrate data to the cloud?

Faster Data Migration

Faster data migration from legacy database applications to the cloud with less manual effort.

  • Leverage an experienced partner that has been through the complete migration process and understands the unforeseen challenges.
  • Use best of breed technologies and services from the leading cloud providers.
  • Use Bitwise in-built utilities and tools that complement existing cloud migration services and provide additional capabilities which may be unavailable with the cloud providers’ services.

Accurate and Secure Data

Confidence that the migrated data is 100% accurate and secure.

  • Provide full and sample data validations without extra load on the source database.
  • Protect sensitive data through tokenization and masking techniques.
  • Utilize a framework that ensures overall validation and verification of the data

Next Level Analytics

Ability to do analytics with the data once on the cloud. Confidence that the migrated data is 100% accurate and secure.

  • Use expert consulting services to help you take advantage of the cloud with proven methodologies and industry best practices.
  • Use a data migration framework that works seamlessly with the leading cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Migrate data to the latest cloud data warehouse tools like Snowflake.

Migrating On-Premise Data To Cloud With Bitwise

Get the optimal approach to data migration so that you can successfully migrate your on-premise data to the cloud.

Proven Cloud Experts

Bitwise has been through the trenches or large-scale, enterprise cloud migration initiatives.

Full-Scale Offerings

Cloud offerings for any cloud (public or private), any provider (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.) and any mode.

Accelerated Methodology

We have the expertise, in- house built accelerators, industry partnerships, training and proven approach.

Technology Leadership

We guide you at every point, from building your cloud strategy and migration roadmap, moving your data and applications to the cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy of migrated data with validations
  • Accelerate migration with reduced time and effort
  • Operational Insights with Monitoring and Reporting
  • Seamless migration with minimal manual effort
  • Turnkey end to end solution
  • Best in class technical support


Planning Your Data Migration from Teradata to Snowflake

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Bitwise Cloud Data Migration Framework

Bitwise can help expedite your data migration from legacy database applications to the cloud by using the best of breed technologies from the leading cloud providers and Bitwise in-built utilities to fill the gaps of cloud provider tools and services, providing a complete migration solution.


Source to Target schema mappings and automatic schema conversion


Automated Data Migration – Full Data Load and Incremental Load (CDC)


Data cataloging for metadata management


Automatic configuration and scheduling with minimal manual effort


Logging and ability to send Notification


Event integration can be achieved with cloud services


Advantages Of Bitwise Cloud Data Migration Framework

  • Accuracy of migrated data with validations having Full & Sample Data Validation without extra load on source DB
  • Scalable work loads for historical migration/data validations.
  • Fault tolerance and high availability with restart ability to avoid manual intervention during failure.
  • Throttling and elasticity for optimal load on source database and maximum extraction performance.
  • Monitoring Dashboards with graphical representation as well as detailed status in one go with statistics on total.
  • Data transferred, current data transfer rate, etc.
  • Protecting sensitive data through tokenization and masking techniques.
  • Overall validation and verification of the data.

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Cloud Data Migration

Case Study

Data Migration on Azure SQL MI from Oracle

Most Common Use Cases

Hadoop Analytics System To Cloud

When starting a cloud strategy, organizations need to understand the challenges (such as data compatibility, data portability) and successes for building a Business Analytics system in cloud.


Legacy Analytics System With Cloud

Legacy systems such as Teradata, Netezza, SQLServer, etc. excel at analyzing relational data, but fail to keep up with enterprise demands from growing volumes of unstructured and structured data.

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