Migrating SharePoint to Cloud or Latest On-Premise Version (Part III – Migration Lifecycle)

SharePoint Migration Approach There are a number of ways organizations can approach their migration to SharePoint on-premise or cloud. Based on our extensive experience in a variety of migration projects, we recommend an approach that encompasses the following phases: Learn, Prepare, Implement & Test, and Validate. Learn The most important part of any migration project … Read more

Migrating SharePoint to Cloud or Latest On-Premise Version (Part II – Organizational Readiness)

Internal Buy-in and Readiness Empower your executive sponsor to be a consistently visible part of your change program. This helps in sustained use of the new tool and overall transformation. Bitwise recommends setting up various channels so that executive sponsor constantly communicates broadly about the plan. We usually setup Microsoft Teams live events to broadcast … Read more

Best File Formats for Loading Data into Snowflake on Cloud

Snowflake Load Performance and File Formats Snowflake supports multiple file formats for loading data, including CSV, JSON, AVRO, ORC, PARQUET, and XML. For our benchmarking, we considered only CSV, AVRO, PARQUET, and ORC. Since our core objective was to migrate traditional warehouses which are flat in nature, it did not make sense to use JSON … Read more

Practical Challenges of Large-Scale Cloud Data Migrations

Observed Gaps in Data Migration Tools When you are assessing these tools its looks like a straightforward thing, but when you start large-scale implementations you might start observing some gaps. Some of these gaps may impact timelines, efforts, and the overall quality for your migration. Below is a listing of the gaps that we observed. … Read more

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