Migrating SharePoint to Cloud or Latest On-Premise Version (Part II – Organizational Readiness)

Internal Buy-in and Readiness Empower your executive sponsor to be a consistently visible part of your change program. This helps in sustained use of the new tool and overall transformation. Bitwise recommends setting up various channels so that executive sponsor constantly communicates broadly about the plan. We usually setup Microsoft Teams live events to broadcast … Read more

Blue Green Deployment Strategy for Cloud based Services

Understanding Blue Green Deployment Strategy This strategy requires we have two versions on the production environment. One is the version that is current and LIVE in Production (this we can call Blue version). Other is the new version which we plan to promote and make LIVE (this we can call Green version). After deployment of … Read more

Merchant Acquirers – Considerations for Cloud Migration

Traditional Merchant Acquirer Challenges Cost and margin pressures, as well as other challenges faced by merchant acquirers, especially the ‘traditional’ acquirers, are well known and documented in various articles. Also, in the public domain, is the fact that the relatively recent entrants to the merchant acquiring space have been changing the game with Fintech style … Read more

5 Business Drivers for Migrating Your Data Warehouse to Cloud in 2021

Here are the 5 Business Drivers for your Data Warehouse Migration to Cloud 1. Managing and Deriving Value from Big Data Cloud providers offer plenty of tools for extracting structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets, loading those datasets into cloud repositories, and making the data available for transformations (the extract-load-transform ELT paradigm). With auto-scale features in … Read more

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