Investment Data Warehouse System Architecture Assessment

Case Study - Investment Data Warehouse System Architecture Assessment

A Fortune 500 commercial lines property and casualty insurance holding company required a system architecture assessment to analyze options to modernize its legacy Investment Data Warehouse as it was not providing the expected value.

5 Business Drivers for Migrating Your Data Warehouse to Cloud in 2021

Here are the 5 Business Drivers for your Data Warehouse Migration to Cloud 1. Managing and Deriving Value from Big Data Cloud providers offer plenty of tools for extracting structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets, loading those datasets into cloud repositories, and making the data available for transformations (the extract-load-transform ELT paradigm). With auto-scale features in … Read more

3 Essentials For Migrating Your Data Integration (ETL) Platform

Does Migrating the Data Integration or ETL Platform to Something Different Add Value? When looking at migrating your Data Integration or ETL platform to another, you need to really look at the WHY behind it. It’s not just the platform that adds or takes away value, it’s the environment it operates in that influences the … Read more

5 Keys To Nailing a BI Implementation

1. BI Strategy Organizations need to have a vision before they set themselves on a BI journey. Laying down a BI strategy with answers to below questions would help bringing clarity to this vision: What are the expectations from the BI implementation initiative? How are these expectations going to be achieved? Who will be the stakeholders? … Read more

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