Why Do ETL Tools Still Have a Heart Beat

ETL best handled by a tool specifically designed to Extract, Transform and Load Big Data Development Frameworks, like MapReduce, have only been around for 10 years or so; incubating in the open-source community. It comes with good backing from the likes of Google and Yahoo, however, when compared to the extensive support and research done … Read more

3 Essentials For Migrating Your Data Integration (ETL) Platform

Does Migrating the Data Integration or ETL Platform to Something Different Add Value? When looking at migrating your Data Integration or ETL platform to another, you need to really look at the WHY behind it. It’s not just the platform that adds or takes away value, it’s the environment it operates in that influences the … Read more

How To Conduct Effective Testing Of Business Intelligence Applications

BI Testing Strategy The goal of testing BI applications is to achieve credible data. And data credibility can be attained by making the testing cycle effective. A comprehensive test strategy is the stepping stone of an effective test cycle.   The strategy should cover test planning for each stage, every time the data moves and state … Read more

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