Terms & Conditions

The Bitwise ETL Conversion Demonstration Portal (the “Portal”), available at bitwiseglobal.com, is provided to allow Users to upload files for conversion services by Bitwise. By submitting files through the Portal, User agrees that he or she has authority to upload the file on behalf of the company, organization or other entity that owns the file and information contained therein.
User shall not upload any infringing, offensive, fraudulent, harmful or illegal information content or files (including, but not limited to, viruses, disabling devices, trojan horses, or any code, files or programs that may modify, damage, interrupt, or compromise the functionality or security of Bitwise’s systems or the Portal itself).
Bitwise assumes no ownership or responsibility for the information contained in the file uploaded through the Portal.
Bitwise makes no promises, guarantees, representations or warranties regarding the conversion services provided through this Portal.
Both parties (Bitwise and User) agree to keep all confidential information, data or materials strictly confidential.