Modernize your Data Platform in the cloud with speed and confidence

Bitwise simplifies cloud migration for Data Leaders, delivering cost-effective solutions that inspire trust in your stakeholders


We feel that Bitwise personnel really care about achieving our goals and therefore are an integral part of our success.

– CIO, Fortune 100 Retail Company


What is extraordinary and sets apart the Bitwise team, and its leadership, is their confidence, diligence, and tenacity to work through the problem and deliver the appropriate solution and needs of the customer.

– Product Manager, Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company


We are always impressed by the quality of Bitwise resources but in this particular instance of ETL Migration project, they exceeded Bitwise standards! Great team, indeed.

– Vice President IT, National Restaurant Chain


Industry leaders seamlessly transitioned their legacy applications and data to the cloud.

“Bitwise presents us with technology solutions that introduce us to new ways of thinking.”

Feedback from an IT Director of a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company that works with our experts to solve their most difficult data modernization challenges.


The partners behind our successful cloud migration strategies

Just like you, we choose scalable and flexible partners. Our automation-first mindset has resulted in cost-effective solutions to accelerate migration to cloud-native services with greater accuracy and less time. Looking for an optimal migration approach? Our experienced team will guide you with the right strategies to drive growth.

Microsoft partner Microsoft partner

Gold Partner and ETL Migration Partner

Typically used for: ETL Migration, Data Migration, Data Analytics, Application Development, SharePoint

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AWS partner AWS partner

Implementation and ETL Modernization Partner

Typically used for: ETL for Big Data, Data Migration and Advanced Analytics

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Googlecloud partner Googlecloud partner

Enterprise Cloud Strategy & Implementation Partner

Typically used for: Cloud Migration, Application Modernization and Looker

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Inviting Microsoft, AWS and GCP consultants for partnering with us to accelerate innovation.

Bitwise delivered the right combination of Automation, Best Practices and Experience to accelerate migration to cloud platforms over the last 10+ years.


years of experience in ETL conversions


years of experience in ETL conversions


ETL tools available

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Strategic partner to top CDOs and Data Leaders to drive innovation

They asked Bitwise to migrate, transform and modernize their legacy applications and set a direction for modern data reporting and analytics.


ETL Converter

Introducing automation to ETL migration

Leverage our accelerator to transform your legacy ETL and procedures into cloud-based solutions that drive growth and unlock new insights.

Explore Bitwise ETL Converter

A Great Place to Work!

Our passionate and dedicated employees – Bitwisers – are what make our culture and our business different and better every day. Hear from our team members on what makes Bitwise a great place to work and explore our Open Positions.

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Work with a dedicated team that CDOs
praise as “passionate”,
“knowledgeable” and “trustworthy”

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