Modernizing Data Architecture in Financial Services with AWS Glue

Join this webinar with AWS and Bitwise to learn how to accelerate migration of legacy ETL to AWS Glue Studio and build a modern data architecture that meets Financial Services objectives.

Financial Services organizations need to drive innovation to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. Modern data architectures provide a foundation for analytics and innovation but modernizing complex legacy data warehouse in the cloud presents a major challenge due to significant differences in ecosystems.

Join us to learn how AWS Glue, a serverless data integration service, optimizes data lake architecture and addresses key data challenges common to Financial Services. See how Bitwise uses automation to migrate legacy ETL to AWS Glue Studio and solves the trickiest part of modernization.

Who should attend

  • Data and Analytics Directors
  • Architects
  • ETL Developers and Testers

Key benefits explored

  • How AWS Glue addresses data challenges in Financial Services Industry
  • How AWS Glue helps provide a flexible foundation for analytics and innovation
  • How Bitwise accelerates adaptation to modern data architectures in AWS

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